Dwarves are short and stocky beings, often known for their hot tempers, and fierce loyalty. Due to the cold temperatures inside their Mountain, they often grow large beards and great amounts of body hair; Women being no exception. They are pale skinned from a life lived in darkness, though a Dwarf outside of Shadowreach could easily tan like anyone else if given enough time. As the protectors of the Afterlife, they are quite gifted in Magic, despite common belief.

Exceptionally strong and intelligent, Dwarves are not to be reckoned with. Their skin is tough from a life lived in the hostile caverns beneath the mountains, which any good Dwarf could navigate with his or her eyes closed. The dwarves are a friendly people when dealing with those they respect, however to strangers and anyone else they can seem overly harsh and cruel. Their jokes are crude and often unfunny, though a room of dwarves might drop to the ground laughing at them, and for the most part meetings between dwarves and anyone else can be quite awkward.

Avg. Life Expectancy- 250-300 Asperan Years Avg. Height- 2’8” – 4’0” Avg. Weight- 150lbs. – 300lbs. Language- Dwarven

Ability Modifiers: Strength | Excellent
Intelligence | Excellent
Speed | Poor
Agility | Average
Magic | Amazing

The Shadowreach Mountains

[Dwarven names in Aspera consist of an original first name, and a generic, fantasy surname. Like Ulgerin Ironblade]