Faeries (Singular- Faerie) look like tiny humans. They do not have wings, but are able to fly and do emit luminescence which is especially visible at night. With magic, they are able to transform temporarily into human form, which explains the birth of the Elven Race. Faeries have pale skin, and never wear clothes. Hair colors can include any color of the rainbow, and as the Protectors of Magic, they are the most Magical Race on Aspera. Few ever travel into Faerie country because they are known as troublemakers, and like any species, can be evil. While they are immortal in the sense of being immune to disease and old age, they can be killed in any other way, especially when in Human Form.

The greatest detriment to faeries is the fact that, while they are Magical beyond all other Races, they can tire down like anyone else, and with little else to protect them, they could be easily killed once worn out. When a Faerie uses magic to become human in form, they are completely nude, so it is wise to have clothing to change into. The ability only lasts one Asperan day, and can usually only be done once or twice a week. It is very physically draining, and Faeries should be careful where they are when they revert back to Faerie form, because they will be very tired and incredibly vulnerable.

During the war, Faylinbrook along with every Faerie and Nymph in all of Aspera disappeared. This was an act of Faerie magic, and though it appeared to have been destroyed, the Forest had simply become invisible and intangible. With the evil horde gone, the Faeries have returned their Forest to it's rightful tangibility, but have completely closed the forest off from anyone. To even attempt to enter the magical woods would result in instantaneous death.

Avg. Life Expectancy- Immortal Avg. Height- Immeasurable, though with Magic, they can appear to be Human Size. Avg. Weight- Immeasurable. Language- All Languages via Magic

Ability Modifiers: Strength | Good
Intelligence | Excellent
Speed | Amazing
Agility | Good
Magic | Amazing

Cities/Regions: The Faeries live in the Faylinbrook Forest, but are known to travel about the entire Countryside posing as humans out of curiosity.

[Faeries names in Aspera consist of a single, original name without a surname. Like Evanthe.]