Halflings, originally bred from Humans and Dwarves, look more like humans, but stand the height of an average Dwarf. Like humans, their skin color and appearance varies between individuals. While they aren't very magical beings, a side effect to their shortcoming is great magical resistance. For this reason, Faeries hate Halflings, and have spent centuries trying to find good ways to torment them.

Commonly considered the kindest race, Halflings are well known for taking people in and feeding them with no need of repayment. They enjoy life in general, and it shows. They are, however, a less than adventurous race, and rarely seen outside of Wayland. No one truly understand why, but the war of the past fifteen years left Wayland Falls mostly unscathed. Aside from taking in the injured that managed to get lost and stumble across their small island, the Halflings were little affected by the conflict.

Avg. Life Expectancy- 170-200 Asperan Years Avg. Height- 2’8” – 3’10” Avg. Weight- 75lbs. – 115lbs. Language- Human

Ability Modifiers: Strength | Poor
Intelligence | Excellent
Speed | Average
Agility | Fair
Magic | Poor

Cities/Regions: The only Halfling controlled city is Wayland Falls. They have many little town-shires in the surrounding areas, and some make livings in the human cities.

[Halfling names in Aspera consist of an original first name, and an original surname. Like Mills Hounehee.]