Merfolk  One day nearly a century ago, the Sea decided it wanted a sentient Race like the Land had, so it reached up and stole a Human from the shore. With the help of Simia, it changed the human in such a way that it could survive under water. Gave it gills beneath the jaw line, webbed its hands and feet, turned its skin into pearlescent scales, and cooled the human’s blood. While the Merfolk have inhabited an island off the coast of Aspera, they can be seen from time to time swimming, or along the coastal beaches scavenging for supplies. During the past fifteen years, the Merfolk led by their Queen Opall built a beautiful palace that spans deep beneath the Sea surface and burroughs into the dirt of the island, and comes up in the center of Nuinor looking out over a waterfall. Though the merfolk had always been known to keep to themselves, their involvement in the recent Wars resulted in a strong line of communication between them and specifically Whitehaven.

Merfolk can roam the land and breathe normal air, however they weaken over time, and usually after 2 or 3 days, they are so weak that returning to the Sea is impossible, and at that point, death is imminent. Another important note about Merfolk; they have the ability to communicate with animals, especially sea life.

Avg. Life Expectancy- 150-175 Asperan Years Avg. Height- 5’3” – 6’1” Avg. Weight- 100lbs. – 150lbs. Language- Mermen

Ability Modifiers: Strength | Fair
Intelligence | Good
Speed | Excellent
Agility | Excellent
Magic | Fair

Cities/Regions: Merfolk live primarily on or around Nuinor, an Island off the Southern coast of Aspera.