Shaman is the class title of those Dwarves who use magic to protect the secrets of the Afterlife. They are usually the wisest Dwarves in their communities, and are commonly corrupted by the evil that such power brings. Some say it is possible for a Shaman to cross into the afterlife and bring back those who are dead. These Dwarves are the deadliest of their people, never to be trusted. Their Dark Magic makes them a serious force to be reckoned with. Summoned Magic Users, Shamans use their scepters, or the Book of the Dead to draw upon their inner magic.

Often, Shaman are described as using "Black Magic." This is due to the color of the dark energy that a Shaman's scepter calls forth. In the deepest reaches of the Shadowreach Mountains, there is a Portal which is a gateway to the Land of the Dead. The few Shaman that exist are charged as the Guardians of this portal. From time to time, Cordak the God of the Underworld will emerge through the portal and send the Shaman on tasks that will take a Shaman outside of the moutains, otherwise you will never see one of these deadly Dwarves in the light of day.

Common Races: Dwarves.

Weapons of Preference: Staffs and daggers, most likely enchanted.

Ability Modifiers: Strength | -2 Levels
Intelligence | +1 Level
Magic | +1 Level