Sorcerers and Sorceresses are those beings blessed in birth with natural Arcane abilities. They can use spells in the same way that wizards and witches can, but are also able to conjure magic from within upon thought. Each Sorcerer is naturally stronger in one specific element, usually resulting in an Elemental-Based Title. (e.g. The Red Sorcerer is naturally gifted with Fire Magic.)

Though it would seem a Sorcerer to be the most powerful magic user in the land, there are many drawbacks and roadblocks for a Sorcerer to surpass before reaching full potential. First of which would be the rarity of the class. So few Sorcerers are born that it would be a rare event for any two to ever cross paths. As such, each Sorcerer is left to learn and hone his natural gifts on his own. This task is so daunting that many born with the gift of a Sorcerer managed to go their whole life without ever knowing. What can a Sorcerer do? No one knows the full extent. What they DO know is that it would take decades if not centuries for a Sorcerer to become competant enough in his abilities to pose a real threat to anyone.

As far as performing normal spells in concerned, Sorcerers can do such as long as they know the proper words. Unlike Wizards, however, who are gifted with thousands of spells that are commited to their permanent memories, a Sorcerer can only know as many spells as their memory will alow them. In most cases, the number of spells is but a grain of sand in the beach of knowledge that any single Wizard knows. What makes a Sorcerer more dangerous is the combination of their innate abilities combined with the use of deadly spells. In most cases, in fact, that versatility makes a fully competant Sorcerer the equal to a Wizard.

Common Races: Elves, Merfolk, and Faeries.

Weapons of Preference: None.

Ability Modifiers: Strength | -1 Level
Magic | +2 Levels