Nearly Giants, these beings are basically huge Humans, once only found on the island of Gefarr that lay at the easternmost end of Aspera. They are often though not always unattractive, unclean beings with bad attitudes and worse tempers. While Titans are slow and dumb, their might is enough to overpower most beings. They are fierce warriors, though the saying is true: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Though most of their kind fought on the side of evil over the past fifteen years, there are some that have lived on Aspera for most of their lives, and some that even lend to the benefit of the Land. For those evil ones still roaming the countryside, beware... All that waits for you is a village of war hardened men and women who won't hesitate to kill first and ask questions later.

Avg. Life Expectancy- 100-200 Asperan Years Avg. Height- 10’0” – 12’6” Avg. Weight- 500lbs. – 800lbs. Language- Titan

Ability Modifiers: Strength | Amazing
Intelligence | Fair
Speed | Average
Agility | Fair
Magic | Poor

Cities/Regions: The Forbidden Island to the East is generally how it is phrased when one asks where that Giant of a man came from, though it is also called Gefarr. The island is completely uncharted. Most Titans stay away from the rest of Aspera, and when they do cross over from the Forbidden Island, usually they get an unpleasant reception. Of course, few make challenge to a Titan because they rarely stay long.