Grey skinned, ugly, goblin-like creatures, the Truffles are a mischievous race of bipeds who live underground in little, closely knit communities. The Truffles only surface to catch or steal food, and to steal the clothing and equipment of other Aspera people so they can construct their own little devices and traps. Known well as troublemakers, the Truffles aren’t a highly intelligent race, or an incredibly dangerous one, but they have caused a great deal of trouble for many people throughout the land. While a small group would only serve as an annoyance, a whole troop of the critters have succeeded in even kidnapping whole humans.

There used to be a Market in Ravenpoint that sells Truffle-made devices, formed of stolen goods. Since the city burned and was abandoned, however, they've taken to making their own roadside stands that can never be found in the same place twice. So if you need a rabbit trap made out of bent swords and daggers, or a blanket made of sewn shirts, those stands would be the places for you.

Though they cannot dig into rock, it is said that there is a family of Truffles that live in the bowels of the Shadowreach Mountains and irritate the Dwarves who are unwilling to exterminate the far weaker creatures.

Avg. Life Expectancy- 75 -115 Asperan Years Avg. Height- 1’5” – 3’0” Avg. Weight- 50lbs. – 115lbs. Language- A Mixture of Elven, Human, and Dwarven... very difficult to understand by anyone but the Truffles.

Ability Modifiers: Strength | Poor
Intelligence | Bad
Speed | Amazing
Agility | Good
Magic | Average

Cities/Regions: Digging small burrows into the ground, small families of Truffles can be found in all regions of Aspera except Faylinbrook… though they are very good at hiding the entrance to such communities. The Elves, specifically, hate the Truffles, so it would be extremely rare to find a Truffle Burrow in an Elven Forest. Many an adventurer has cursed the Truffles for falling through the top of a Burrow made too close to the surface.